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As technology and society move forward with bigger strides, more and more people are moving out of the corporate offices and embracing the more relaxed, less constricting world of work from home freelancing. The thing is, freelancing isn’t as easy as most people seem to think it is. It’s more than just sitting around in your pajamas, eating cereal, while tapping away at your laptop.

The problem with that is sitting in your pajamas and eating junk while working is exactly what people seem to think freelancers do. They don’t appreciate or understand the challenges of having to enforce your own schedule, meeting deadlines, and taking care of your home’s daily needs. As a result, there isn’t much support for freelancers. After all, we already have so much work to do, who has time to write about it?

That’s what we at About Our Work are all about. We are a team of freelancers and former freelancers who decided to band together to contribute to the growing community of content writers with a focus on freelancers. Tips, advise, and guides on how to improve the freelancer’s lifestyle, improve work habits, and other topics.

Given the wide range of experiences and situations freelancers can find themselves in, we’re always looking to expand our team with unique and creative writers. If you’re interested in contributing to our blog, send us a sample article about anything freelancer related along with a brief intro about yourself. Articles should be in English and have proper grammar and spelling. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!