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Waking Up At The Office: Turning Your Bed Into A Workspace

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One of the things I love most about working as a freelancer is waking up and knowing I don’t have to worry about commuting, having to deal with nightmare co-workers, or pretty much any of the usual office related nightmares. In fact, I’m in the office as soon as I wake up!

One of the questions I often get, however, is “How do you work from your bed? Isn’t a desk better?” To answer the questions posed: A desk IS better if you like having to try and figure out how to stay in a chair for hours without your butt dying; and here’s how I work from my bed:

Invest In A Bed Tray

Bed trays are great. Originally conceived so people could eat in bed while watching TV, recent designs are also geared towards laptop users. You don’t need anything fancy; a solid surface that allows for enough space for your laptop is usually enough. If you’re the type who uses a stylus or a mouse, you may want to get a larger bed tray. Personally, I have a separate tray for my mouse and peripherals.

Water Bottles / Spillproof Drink Containers Are A Must

Non-spill drink containers are going to save you a LOT of trouble in the long run. Even when working on a surface like a desk or table, drink-related accidents happen. While these spills are easy enough to deal with on those surfaces, spilling your drink on your bed (or your laptop) isn’t as easy to deal with. Investing in a spillproof container will make sure you’ll never have to!

Don’t Eat In Bed

As tempting as it sounds, eating in bed can be a very bad idea. While you can prevent spills with spillproof cups, it’s a lot harder to prevent food messes. Even a simple sandwich risks getting crumbs all over the bed and crumbs in bed are never a good thing! When you’re going to have a snack or a meal, always do so away from the bed! Personally, I eat on the floor at the foot of the bed so I can watch some TV.

Do you have any work-from-bed tips you’d like to share? Let us know!…