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Freelancer Fuel: Food And Drink Freelancers Should Avoid

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After years of working as a freelancer, I noticed that while working, I usually end up getting the munchies. While a snack attack can help give you the energy to power through work, not all snacks are beneficial. There are some snacks that are better left as a reward for finishing your work rather than in between assignments and projects. Here are a few:

Artificial Sugary Foods

It’s often very tempting to build up a sugar rush to help you cruise through a particularly tough assignment. When I started out, I’d usually have a bag of jellybeans with me. The problem with these sugar rushes, however, is the inevitable crash that comes after, leaving you sluggish and unproductive. Rather than candies, consider fruits, either dried or fresh for that boost.

Oily And Fatty Food

Sometimes, it’s tempting to plop a plate of deep-fried goodies next to you while you work, rewarding yourself with a bite every full paragraph or two that you complete. Unfortunately, it’s oil and fat that are most likely to send you off into the blissful embrace of a “food coma”.  The early signs of a food coma are likely to make you look for caffeine or sugar to counteract it, which would work if they didn’t make you crash after!

Food With Flavor Coating

Chips, flavored fries and popcorn, donuts: most have a coating of flavoring or powdered sugar. These can end up on your fingers and if you’re they type who eats and works at the same time, you run the risk of getting that powder on and worse, IN your laptop. Believe it or not, there have been documented cases where laptops have been infested with ants and even baby roaches! Not ideal for working at all!

What’s your favorite snack for working? How about your least favorite? Contact us and let us know!