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Introducing MatchUp by AboutOurWork

MatchUp is our proprietary B2B recommendation engine that identifies companies highly complimentary to yours and makes the necessary introductions. Automagically. Simply provide the information that best describes your business and let MatchUp do the rest. MatchUp is smart B2B networking.

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MatchUp understands your business

When MatchUp makes a connection recommendation, it monitors the activity through a collaborative filtering process. This process ensures that each recommendation made by MatchUp is better than the previous one.

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No more local networking events

Thousands of business networking events take place every day. Unfortunately, attending them all can take a lot of time and money. And for knowledge workers that can transact business globally, the local networking event is a waste of time. With MatchUp, we use data to make the right B2B connection at the right time so you never have to attend another networking event.

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