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Work from home freelancing


Given the varied work freelancers often face, there isn’t usually a single stable of resources that we turn to for work. What freelancers can have, however, is a stable of resources that can help us get through work! Here are some of the resources I use to help me while working:


If you’re using the desktop version or the Android mobile version, Spotify provides more than just music for helping you grind through your work. They also offer podcasts, such as the NoSleep podcast (a personal favorite). Whether you need a personalized playlist to help you out or a series of podcasts to inspire you, Spotify has what you need.


YouTube has come a long way from serving mainly as a platform for sharing cat videos. From music playlists, to full movies, to documentaries, and TV shows, YouTube offers a wide variety of entertainment for the wonderfully low price of free! Like Spotify, YouTube also lets you build personalized playlists.


While Netflix isn’t free like the last two resources, it offers some exclusive content you won’t get anywhere else. Given that Netflix originals upload all the season’s episodes at the same time, you’ll be able to binge while you work!

Do you have any favorite resources to keep you entertained while you work without the constraints set by corporate workplaces? Contact us and let us know!