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Building A Better Workplace: Home Improvement For Work From Home Freelancers

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A well maintained, functional workplace makes for happy workers. The same goes for freelancers who work from home; a well maintained, well cared for home will make happy freelancers. This means home improvements that are specific to our type of work are particularly important to makes sure that we can reach maximum productivity. Here are some improvements I’ve done around my home:

Easy To Reach Wall-Mounted Extension Cords

Most extension cords come with a way to mount them on the walls. Since I tend to move around my house while I work, waiting for things to upload, dealing with conference calls, etc., having easy access sockets means that I can move around without having to worry about reaching behind furniture. This also works for when we have face-to-face conferences for the core blog team at my home!

Invest In Good Blinds

Depending on the time of day you work, controlling the amount of light that gets into your home is important. For a night owl like me, sleeping happens during the day. Now, sleeping when the sun is up can lead to your sleep not being as restful so a dark house is a good one. For people who work during the day, good blinds can help you keep the heat out (or in depending on the season) as well!

Invest In Your Work Area

Since your work area is where you’ll be spending most of your day, investing in the area will pay off in the long run. If you work at a desk, invest in a good chair. If you work on the floor, a good cushion or carpeting will go a long way. If you work on the bed, nice solid pillows to prop you up while you work will save you from the pain of an aching back.

What home improvements have you done in your workspace?

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